LEGACY FATALE PRESENTS “TUG OF WAR AT BEAUTY BAR” (Part of Art in Odd Places 2018: Body)

For the past decade, Legacy Fatale has celebrated female empowerment through
performance art and interdisciplinary social practices. This October 13th, director Coco Dolle
has chosen to cross-over the world of punk and performance art with the politics of
resistance. Legacy Fatale will present ‘Tug of War at Beauty Bar’ during AiOP/BODY
performance festival on 14th Street Saturday October 13th, at 3 p.m. Beauty Bar is one of the
last remaining staples of East Village culture resisting gentrification.
TUG of WAR at Beauty Bar
Legacy Fatale invites the audience to a choreographed protest/war game happening outside
the Beauty Bar, that will move indoors to an abstract performance piece, a signature
movement of Legacy Fatale, followed by a musical act: ‘What Would Tilda Swinton Do’. Legacy
Fatale has commissioned avant-garde artist and costume designer Elisa Jimenez of Hunger
World with a brand new wardrobe designed for this performance. Photographer Roderick
Angle will shoot a portrait of the group.
For contact please reach legacyfatale@gmail.com