” It is 1998. You are on the passenger side of a brown minivan with wood paneling. You and your mother are going to the mall, except the nearest mall is an hour away, so it’s become a kind of road trip! You’ll go to JC Pennys, Waldenbooks, Maurice’s, maybe even Target. Mom promised lunch at Fazolli’s, which may be your best incentive for tagging along. While you do a book of word jumbles in the front seat, the radio is permanently fixed on Star 102.5, The Lite FM “the best hits of the 70’s, 80’s and today!”

Join DJ Bobby E for a happy hour where he takes you on a nostalgic road trip of adult contemporary soft rock n’ roll. Let us help you shed the layers of irony that are telling you not to embrace your inner Delilah. Buckle your seatbelt! It’s going to get feelingsy.”

7-9pm | no cover | 21+

beauty bar chicago
1444 w. chicago ave
chicago. 60642
312.226.8828 | 21+